is an online repository of policies, tools, case studies, and other resources to support data governance, management, exchange, and use throughout the federal government
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Data management & governance

Playbooks, guidance, templates, and other resources to support the implementation of policy, the creation of data governance structures, and the day-to-day work of data management in the federal government

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Data tools

Software tools and complementary resources to support the hands-on work of data practitioners

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Data incubator

Crowdsourcing, prize competitions, public-private partnerships, and other resources to support the incubation of data projects

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Skills development

Guides, tutorials, and personnel-related resources to build and develop a data-savvy workforce

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Guidance from the Office of Management and Budget on data issues, and other memoranda applicable to federal agencies

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Case studies & examples

Articles, use cases, and proof points describing projects undertaken by data managers and data practitioners across the federal government

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