Data Standards

Standards, schemas, and related resources — this category will continue to be built out in response to Federal Data Strategy Action 20, which calls for a data standards repository to accelerate the creation and adoption of data standards across agencies

This section is a work in progress; your input is requested!

We are currently working to develop this data standards repository in response to Action 20 of the Federal Data Strategy and we welcome your feedback via Github or by emailing


DATA Act Information Model Schema (DAIMS)

The DATA Act Information Model Schema (DAIMS) is the authoritative source for the terms, definitions, formats, and structures for hundreds of distinct data elements that tell the story of how federal dollars are spent. DAIMS gives federal agencies guidance about what data to report to Treasury, where to get that data, and how to submit it.




Bureau of the Fiscal Service, Department of Treasury

Additional Information

Date Published July 13, 2020
Jurisdiction United States Government
Implementing Organizations Federal agencies
Level of Use No information provided


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